Expats donate funds to fight hunger in Yucatan

The Giving Outreach Foundation, A.C., directed by Kimberly Daving De-Graff, offered a breakfast to raise funds that will be donated to between nine and 25 shelters in Yucatan.

Providing food to 425 people each month is a huge task, but satisfying for the members of Yucatan Giving Outreach, AC, which this week held its annual breakfast to raise funds and continue supporting several organizations and shelters that do not have food for people who seek it.

According to this group’s director, Kimberly Daving De-Graff, the Hyatt hotel donated breakfast, and at least 300 attendees paid 325 pesos for it, money that will be donated entirely to between nine and 25 hostels in Yucatan.

Although the civil association includes Mexican companies and entrepreneurs as sponsors, it is striking that the breakfast was attended mostly by foreigners.

“This event is to raise funds for the foundation.I have 15 years living here and more than five years helping shelters and foundations, two officially as president. This money is to help 425 people monthly with food,” Daving De-Graff said in an interview.

For this, the organization has a food bank located in Itzimná, and from there the aid goes to various shelters “that are dying of hunger”, because they do not have enough food.

“100 percent of this money will be to buy hygiene and food products, which will be sent to between 19 and 27 hostels monthly, depending on what they need,” added the foundation director, who is also known as Kimmy Suki.

On the reasons that encouraged her to lead this type of event, in which the purpose is to help those most in need, Kimberly Daving De-Graff told the following:

“About five years ago I visited the La Divina Providencia shelter and I saw a real need, they do not have enough food, they do not have soap or shampoo, and my heart was opened completely, as a Christian I saw brothers dying of hunger,” she said.

From there, she said she started with this work, in which she gathered several volunteers from the foreign community to help this cause.

“Look what we have achieved, supposedly the breakfast is for 125 people, but now there are more than 320 people,”she said enthusiastically.

The associations that will be benefited include Casa de los Abuelos de Ixil, Casa de los Abuelos de Sambulá, Dining Room for Children in Uxcum and others.

She announced that on November 17 there will be an event at the Yucatan Polo Club, with a polo tournament to raise funds that will go to these shelters.

Text and photo: Esteban Cruz Obando

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