Taquería Don Beto: An explosion of flavor

Long lines form every day around the adapted trailer in which the best grilled-meat sandwiches are prepared in the Parque de las Américas and its surroundings. The aroma of meat and onions browning on the grill makes it impossible to resist trying one of these delicacies, no matter how long the line is: the wait is worth it.

“‘Don Beto’ is the name of this business, which is already going to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. We started at the corner of the now defunct Banrural (today the offices of La Sedeculta). My father-in-law Roberto Rodas started it. It is a family business in which we take care that the product is fresh, and I think that is why we have earned the trust of the diners throughout all these years,” said Josué Tec, who for a brief moment paused his constant activity to talk with the reporter.

One of the secrets that makes the preparation of these tortas (sandwiches) very special is the mayonnaise, which is made homemade, as well as the carrot, which adds a special touch, which also has ham and cheese, beans and, of course, a meat marinated in a very particular way, without a lemon or other acidic substance, but that maintains an unparalleled flavor.

“It is a privilege to see how the children and grandchildren of the clients grow, which in many of the cases we met since they were babies and they keep coming to eat with us. There are three generations that we have seen this happen, from the grandparents and dads who began to come since Don Beto was there,” said Josué.

He stressed that it is always about the flavor remaining unchanged over the years.

The prices are not very high; the torta is worth 24 pesos, and as the customers say: it is a true explosion of flavor that is worth enjoying, since in the Parque de las Américas, it is very well known.

On the internet you can see the comments of people who have become fans of the flavor of the food of “Don Beto”, like María José, who commented that “the tortas and tacos they sell are delicious. When you arrive at the Parque de las Américas you can smell the meat wafting in your nose without being able to resist, and suddenly without noticing, you are already in the position asking for a torta or three tacos,” she said.

“There are always people. They have some benches, but if you do not fit, you can stop and eat there together, or ask for take-away. The guy who serves you is of a few words, but very kind, while the man who prepares the tacos and tortas is totally focused on his grill, they share the work the job and no one complains,”  commented Nidiviney, who also recommended enjoying a marquesita which are sold at night in the park.

“We are open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from seven in the morning until noon and in the afternoons from six to twelve at night,” explained Josué.

He recalled that the business has expanded and currently has branches on Jacinto Canek Avenue, and another in Francisco de Montejo and Ciudad Caucel, all served by family members.

Text: Manuel Pool Moguel
Photos: Amílcar Rodríguez

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